Conference in Emerging Technologies in Transportation Systems (TRC-30)

Symposium Information

The year 2023 marks the 30th Anniversary of Transportation Research: Part C (TR_C) journal. To commemorate this important milestone, a special event is organized on September 2-4, 2024, at the prestigious venue of the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion in Crete, Greece.

The focus of the symposium is high-quality, scholarly research that addresses development, applications, and implications, in the field of transportation systems and emerging technologies. The interest is not in the individual technologies per se but in their ultimate implications for the planning, design, operation, control, maintenance, and rehabilitation of transportation systems, services, and components. In other words, the intellectual core of the symposium is on the transportation side, not on the technology side. The integration of quantitative methods from fields such as operations research, control systems, complex networks, computer science, and artificial intelligence is encouraged. Of particular interest are the impacts of emerging technologies on transportation system performance, in terms of monitoring, efficiency, safety, reliability, resource consumption, and the environment.

Keynote Speakers


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  • Alexandre Alahi, EPFL
  • Chandra Bhat, University of Texas at Austin
  • Elisabetta Cherchi, University of Newcastle.
  • Dirk Helbing, ETH Zurich
  • Ludovic Leclercq, Univ. Gustave Eiffel


  • Hani Mahmassani, Northwestern University


  • Markos Papageorgiou, Technical University of Crete
  • Yafeng Yin, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

More to come! 

Call for Papers

We invite submissions with significant and substantial contributions to the emerging technologies on transportation system performance. The conference is followed up with a special issue in Transportation Research Part C.  Selected quality papers will be invited to be submitted for full consideration in Transportation Research Part C.

The scope of the symposium includes, but is not limited to:

  • multimodal and intermodal transportation;
  • on-demand transport;
  • intelligent transportation systems;
  • traffic and demand management;
  • real-time operations;
  • connected and autonomous vehicles;
  • logistics;
  • railways;
  • resource and infrastructure management;
  • aviation;
  • pedestrians and soft modes.

More details can be found in the TRC-30

Important dates

Extended abstracts:

  • Deadline for extended abstract submission: 23:59 pm (UTC -11), 15 April 2024 (Extended to 29 April, 2024)
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 May 2024 (10 June)

Deadline for early registration: 15 July 2024


The TRC-30 conference will be linked to the THE 5TH SYMPOSIUM ON MANAGEMENT OF FUTURE MOTORWAY AND URBAN TRAFFIC SYSTEMS, which will be held on September 4-6 2024, organized by Prof. Jack Haddad  (Technion). The two events will be independently organized, one after the other at the same venue, with one joint event on September 4th. Further information can be obtained by accessing the website


The conference venue is the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion, in Crete. 






Crete is the birthplace of the first European civilization, the Minoan, which flourished between 3000 BC and 1200 BC and was destroyed by a tsunami created by the volcano of Santorini. Women were equal to men and took part in all religious ceremonies, in sports, hunting, theater, dance, etc. Masterpieces of building architecture, painting, sculpture, and goldsmithing continue to inspire even modern civilization. Whether your visit is for relaxation or to explore and discover the many well-known and countless hidden treasures of Crete, you will not be disappointed by the diversity of the landscape – the rugged mountains, the endless beaches and the turquoise seas, the many cities, towns and villages, and stunning countryside with amazing gastronomy.


There are direct flights to Heraklion from most major cities in Europe, making it possible to reach Crete with one transfer from almost all major cities of the world. A very detailed description of the beauties of the island is provided here:


Approximate flight duration:

  • Rome (2h 25m),
  • London (4h 10m),
  • Frankfurt (2h 50m),
  • Tel Aviv (1h 45m),
  • Paris (3h 20m).

For a complete list, see :